Mac Pro is available January 19

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Great news! The Mac Pro is available January 19, and it is the most interesting looking computer in history. Just 25.1 cm in height, a diameter of 16.7 cm, and weighing 5 pounds, the Mac Pro is the perfect cylinder to place in tight places. The only issue you might run into is the possibility someone may mistaken it for a garbage can; nevertheless, the Mac Pro is the most beautiful garbage can looking object yet unless an entrepreneur comes up with the invention of the most luxury garbage can ever.

Mac Pro is available January 19 : configuration options

Mac pro is available January 19The Mac pro has two different tiers currently on sale, and the pricing strategy is based on hardware specifications rather than flash memory like iPods and iPads. Apple distinguishes the Mac Pros by how many cores it’s processor has.

The Mac Pros is available January 19. The quad core, and the 6-core variants can be ordered on their website. The quad core variant is priced at $3099, and the 6-core is $4099. Both of these variants include 256 gigabytes of flash based storage. The quad-core variant includes 12 gigabytes of Error Correcting Code ram, and dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics processor with 2 gb vram.  The 6-core version has a few additional upgrades such as having 16 gigabytes of ram installed, and a dual AMD FirePro D500 graphics processor instead.

Apple mentions that their 8-cores, and 12-core variants will be configured-to-order on their website which will allow users to customize their Mac Pro to suit their needs.  The 8-core and 12-core variants will include AMD FirePro D700 graphics processors. According to the Apple, you can configure them up to 64 gigabytes of ram. This might suggest the RAM or Random Access Memory is user upgrade-able which might save you some cash. Flash based storage is configurable up to 1 terabyte, which might suggest it is user replaceable as well.

Regardless of which Mac Pro you chose or built on Apple’s website, you get a non upgrade-able motherboard, a Intel Xeon Processor, 6 thunderbolt 2 ports, and OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Dont forget that metal garbage can looking exterior. The reason why this device is so unique is due to the fact every computer case to date has always been rectangular, and this is the first cylinder case by Apple. Apple must be proud.

So why purchase a Mac Pro?

We are curious as to the reasons why anyone would purchase the Mac Pro. First of all, as of all Apple products, the motherboard is hardly upgrade-able and small. It would be for an individual that has very limited physical space in their house or office, and need an extremely powerful Mac that runs OS X.  Many of us can suffice with a MacBook Pro or an iMac, but how many of them would need to purchase the Mac Pro? Information technology technicians may want to use these to run their servers as it is an all-arounder. On the other hand, they may consider buying a rack mount server and some hardware tech support instead as the Mac Pro does not stack on top of each other. Graphics engineers may consider purchasing the Mac Pro for it’s powerful graphics capabilities. So why would you need to buy the Mac Pro? For a desktop with a server grade processor with server grade RAM, two AMD workstation class video cards, Solid state drives, and a nice motherboard with 6 thunderbolt 2 ports at a starting price of $3099, the Mac Pro is quite value packed. If you were to price out a similar desktop from yourself, you’d end up spending much more.  Also, when the Mac Pro becomes outdated and obsolete, you can finally use it for what it appears to be — a very luxury Apple Aluminum garbage can. So what are you waiting for? Go purchase it.

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