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microsoftMicrosoft is a well known software development company that makes innovative software and operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 7Microsoft Office 2013, and OneDrive. We compared and contrasted their Office Online software against their arch-enemy, Google Docs and Google Drive earlier.

Back in the early 2000s, Microsoft was known as a huge software companies that would develop software for OEMs such as ASUS, ACER, Dell, and IBM (Lenovo). Their distribution strategy made use of OEMs to distribute their Windows operating system through out the world. With this synergy between Microsoft’s OEMs, and Microsoft, Microsoft is able to concentrate on building the greatest software and operating systems. Ever since Apple became popular with their iPad, Microsoft started becoming more jealous of  Apple’s success, and decided that they want to attempt to reach out in the hardware market. They released the Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro tablets in 2012. These products did not generate enough hype to capture the global market mainly due to rage that Microsoft Window 8 bestowed on their users. To make matters worst, it caused confusion with Microsoft’s OEMs. Luckily, relationships between Microsoft’s OEMs and Microsoft did not turn sour yet. In the end, there was a massive inventory write off, a few upset shareholders, and OEMs. Their second attempt was the release of the Microsoft Surface 2, and Surface 2 Pro  in 2013 which was a leap forward in terms of hardware specification. However, the overall experience was mixed. The smart cover keyboard was not responsive enough for their customers.

Microsoft Event 2014: introduction

May 20, 2014 seemed like just another day for many people out there, but this day held some significance in many ways. For one, this day was ‘I love you day‘ in China, and for the Habs fans out there, it meant another sad loss to the New York Rangers during the hockey play offs. More importantly, this was the day when the Microsoft Surface event was held. This Microsoft event was unique in the sense where usually Steve Ballmer would be out there drumming up hype and jumping up and down, and screaming about how he loves Microsoft.

To our dismay, the Surface Event was not as engaging and entertaining as their previous events. The event started with a few word from Satya Nadella, and Panos Panay took over to introduce the new Microsoft Surface 3 Pro tablet. This new tablet has a 12 inch screen at 2160 x1440 pixels, and an intel processor with the choice of 3 cores — i3, i5, and i7. Microsoft had shaved 0.2 pounds, and 0.17 inches off it’s back. Microsoft updated the keyboard cover, and track pad to make it easier for the user to type while the tablet is on their lap. There is also a dock that allows the user to display out to an 4K display.

Microsoft Surface 3 Pro Event

Since Steve Ballmer left Microsoft to buy out the LA Clippers, Satya took his place. As a result, this was the first surface event without their famous EX-CEO, Steve Ballmer. Our overall impression of this event was that Satya seemed quite reserved and not as bold as when Steve Ballmer was on stage.  We found it ironic how most of those who were attending the Microsoft event were carrying Apple products, and that the presenter did not present any information on the market adoption of their current Surface line up which makes us wonder whether or not their products are even selling.

While the technical aspect of the Surface 3 pro looked quite amazing, there was not much enthusiasm generated from the crowd. Perhaps it was Panos Panay’s presentation skills that killed the hype. For one, he could had pause and let the crowd clap. Next he could have shown more marketing info graphics during the presentation and underline the growing demand for tablets. Instead he began explaining the Microsoft vision of the tablet which is great if there was heavy backing for having a tablet versus a laptop. He made a claim about people carrying two devices, a Macbook air, and an iPad. If he had showed us an info graphic of the population of people who carry around 2 devices — a tablet and a laptop, that would engage the viewers more, and people will take his words less lightly.

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