Microsoft Surface Pro 3: The Macbook Air Killer?

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Surface 3 proWith the announcement at their Microsoft Surface Event, Microsoft is about to increase the surface area of their Surface line up one more; thus,  Microsoft announced the Macbook Air Killer — Microsoft Surface 3 Pro. If this product becomes a product that will destroy the iPad and Macbook market, what will the future of technology look like? Another underlining mystery is, what happened to the Microsoft Surface 3 RT? Is this Surface 3 Pro able to replace your laptop as Microsoft stated in their announcement?

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: how does it compare?

Since the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is not considered an ARM processor tablet, comparing it to the Apple iPad would not be considered fair. On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 does compete in some ways with the iPad. the first tier surface with an i3, and 64 gigabytes of storage space comes short to $800. Therefore, the most logical comparison we would compare it to the MacBook Air.

Device name Screen Processor Price Storage RAM
Surface 3 Pro 12″ 2160x1440px i3 $799 64GB 4GB
Surface 3 Pro 12″ 2160x1440px i5 $999 128GB 4GB
Surface 3 Pro 12″ 2160x1440px i5 $1299 256GB 8GB
Surface 3 Pro 12″ 2160x1440px i7 $1549 256GB 8GB
Surface 3 Pro 12″ 2160x1440px i7 $1949 512GB 8GB


Device name Screen Processor Price Storage RAM
Macbook Air 11″ 1366x768px i5 1.4ghz $899 128GB 4GB
Macbook Air 11″ 1366x768px i5 1.4ghz $1099 128GB 4GB
Macbook Air 13″ 1440x900px i5 1.4ghz $999 128GB 4GB
Macbook Air 13″ 1440x900px i5 1.7ghz $1349 256GB 8GB

surface 3 proOverall, based on this table, the Surface 3 pro is definitely a worthy Macbook Air competitor. Namely, the beautiful 2160x1440px screen outclasses the macbook air in all perspectives. The Macbook Air weighs 1.08kg, and the Surface 3 Pro weighs 800g, that is 208 grams difference. This is significant as the surface 3 pro would be more useful for traveling. You can build a skateboard with it.  These specifications are astonishing to say the least, and soon we will find out how it performs in real life. The pen or stylus seems quite useful for making quick notes on the fly without having to use the keyboard.  This would be very convenient for students, business executives, engineers, and graphics designers. The Surface 3 Pro certainly is an innovative game changer that Apple should not ignore.

Surface 3 Pro: Reception

There are many videos that people have posted on this new product to generate the hype of the Surface 3 Pro.

What happened to the Surface 3 RT?

The Surface 3 RT has not been announced to come out any time soon, and the reason being is that the technology of their Surface 2 tablet is still competitive against the Apple iPad. Microsoft thought that there was no reason to develop a new Surface rt product with their newest creation, the Surface 3 Pro.


With the release of the Surface 3 Pro lies many other questions that remain unanswered. For one, if the Surface 3 Pro becomes extremely popular, how will Microsoft’s OEMs deal with the fact that one of their largest allies just became one of their greatest opponent? Secondly, will this fan-less technology that Panos spoke of cause the red ring of death of death just like their Xbox360 product?

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