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SongzaMillions are at risk from Songza, the most overwhelming viral music streaming music service in history. Users are immersed in a deep sea of a music playlists generated from a popular music streaming service, Songza. With an app that magically picks a song that fits their mood, many are seen running through the streets with studio-sized headphones blasting away at full volume, and bobbing their heads up and down. This phenomenon is called “extravasongza”, a new word that was just created by a fusion of extravaganza and Songza. What is the caused of such behavior – the world to indulge into a trance like state? Find out as we dig more into this music streaming app, and dissect how a simple music streaming app can be more devious than you expected.

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The hype of Songza lies in the details. No silly DJ chitchat, and the choice to choose from the music genre you love. Convenience is an attraction, as Songza is on iOS, PC, and Android. On top
of that, if you don’t like the song playing, you can skip the song with a push of a button. This leaves the user a greater experience than even radio broadcast. However, with Songza, there is the only one limitation, users will need to subscribe to a relatively large data plan for the ability to roam in the city out of range of wifi. That is not stopping the Canadians from their calamitous music addiction. There are many Canadian Mobile Carriers that provide unlimited data for less than $40 a month. With that being said, Americans are not so lucky as they only have one.

The music that drives people crazy

SongzaRegardless of this shortcomings, people are subject to risk to this music streaming app everyday. Thousands are seen driving down roads extremely vigorously while playing the music. Hip hop dancers are using Songza to dance wildly to different beats.  Thousands are running down the streets of Boston, for the Boston Marathon with studio quality headphones. The free Music Streaming app is a gateway to discover music that you may enjoy. Now grab your quality headphone, and discover new music. When you have a list of music you love, start a collection of FLAC files, or listen to PonoMusic. Only till then, you will realize that the heaven you know is heaven in the sound. All you can do is close your eyes.

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