New Macbook Air Released

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The next generation Macbook Air is in the air, and floating around just within everyone’s grasp. It still retains that familiar 1.7 cm (0.68 in.) thin  aluminum casing from the previous model, and the same luxury appearance that the world craves.

New Macbook Air Details

New Macbook Air

The starting price of the Macbook Air starts around $999 for the 11 inch model , and $1099 for the 13 inch. Historically, the 13 inch model’s starting price was $1199 so the new 13 inch Macbook is $100 dollars less than the previous model. The 64gb version will be retired as there was no mention of it in the keynotes, and the Macbook Air will only come in choices two choices — 128gb and 256gb.  Along with these two options comes options of  two types of processors — intel core i5 and the intel core i7. The i7 one cost 150 dollars more. So what is compelling about this new Macbook Air?If you’re on the road a lot with your current Macbook Air a lot, you’ll run into the problem of having that nasty insufficient battery after 5 hours on the 11 inch and 7 hours with the 13 inch Macbook Air.  Thanks to the new Haswell processor in the new Macbook Air.  It will add an extra 4  hours to the Macbook air 11 inch and 5 hours to the 13 inch which comes to the total of 9 hours for the 11 inch and 12 hours for the 13 inch respectively.  The new Macbook Air also features 40% faster graphics, so expect the new Macbook air to be a little better at gaming and watching videos.  Also the new Macbook Air uses a new type of ram called LPDDR3 LP for Low Power. This ram is specially made for mobile computing, and is suppose to lower the power consumption thus making it more energy efficient. Lastly, Apple is announced that their new macbook air supports the new wireless networking standard — 802.11ac.

New Macbook Air : Features that are still missing

The new mac book air is still missing a key feature — Retina Display. We’re assuming that they left this feature out on purpose and will release it in next generation Macbook Air. Or perhaps, they were purely thinking of battery life. What ever the reason was behind it, their competitors such as Lenovo could possibly take advantage of this and release a retina display option for their Thinkpad X1 Carbon series. Will they?

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