Newly Designed Google Maps


Google announced at the Google I/O event that they are revamping the Google Maps app to provide more customizations and unique features to each individual user. Google newly designed Google Maps have a cleaner interface with information that can be easily access and simple to use. Along with the improved interface, Google added more imagery for the maps and a third-person “live outer space view” of the Earth with city night lights visibility. Just imagine viewing the beautiful night lights in the city on Google Maps. We hope it allows us to use th as our background on Android device. Newly designed Google Maps has become more of a user-interface than just a map in this aspect. meet-the-new-Google-Maps-FSMdotCOM

Have you ever ran into the problem of deciding on which restaurant to tryout while on the go with friends or family? Well the newly designed Google Maps solves this problem. The newly designed Google Maps can adapt to the user by showing other similar places that they may be interested on the map, like restaurants similar to previous ones that you have visited. Overall, the more the user uses the maps, the better it gets, as users will see other similar places that they may be interested on the map. When users click on the restaurant icon found on the map (yes icon, not a big pin on the map), streets leading to that location are labeled or highlighted to show users the routes they can use. As well as reviews by reliable sources of the restaurant. This function makes it easy for users to find the streets they can use instead of having to look around the map with other streets that may be confusing to the user. Clicking on new places each time on the map will show other places that users may be interested in, which makes for a great way to explore new destinations. The map simply adapts to the user as they use the map more to find the places that they want. Eventually, certain places that the user enjoys visiting will become a highlighted point for them on the map which makes the map feel as if its your own which makes the new Google Maps customizable and unique.

Ever wanted to know what a land mark looks like before going there? Images are important for users who want to explore landmarks and with the newly designed maps, users can get 3D images of landmarks. The 3D images makes Google Maps an interactive experience while exploring new locations. Other images users can see are also submitted by other users so that when people are searching for landmarks, they can see other photos showing that particular landmark.

Some of these features can be found through the Google Earth application but is now enhanced on the new Google Maps. Images of landmarks can be found through Google Earth but is now included on Google Maps, an application that is used a lot today for users to explore new places. Like Google Earth, users can view the Earth like a globe but is now using real-time clouds with real location of the stars and location of the sun through the new Google Maps. But most importantly, Google Maps will now adapt to the user which makes the map feel custom and unique as if its your own.


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