Google Glass competitor show cased by Nissan 3E

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Nissan 3E to Debut at 2013 Tokyo Motor ShowBecause the Law might rule out driving around with Google Glass stuck to your eyeballs,  Nissan, the Japanese automotive car maker, has released a teaser video on youtube showing off a device similar to Google Glass, and is set to be unveiled at the upcoming auto show.  They call the new wearable head-up display, the Nissan 3E.  How is this device different than Google Glass?  The device is said to be focusing on providing internet connectivity and communication as their main scope. Of course, since Nissan is a car company, intuitively you’d think they would be developing it for driving.  So we believe it’s used for when you’re on the road. Just imagine cruising on the highway, you’ll see turn by turn directions from your navigation, view your current location, and read any text messages directly on your HUD. Other information such as your velocity, your car’s auxiliary controls, vehicle metrics, and other useful driving information can also be viewed on your HUD. This would increase convenience while driving, and alert you of any dangers.  The whole point would to let the driver focus on the road rather than glancing at their speedometer or tachometer to see the information.

Nissan 3E Style

Nissan 3E

Does this look familiar?

If you have ever played Metal gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots on Playstation 3, the main character, Solid Snake can equip a device called “Solid Eye” that is like an electronic eyepatch on his eye. This device highlights items and enemies.  This “Solid Eye” device resembles the the Nissan 3E. The styling is quite similar and makes you wonder if they took the design from it. We suspect the “Solid Eye” is geared for fighting battles, and the Nissan 3E will be geared for driving. The Google Glass will be geared for daily usage, and the Recon Jet for sports.

Of course, there are still many questions left unanswered. It is still unknown how safe this device will be on the road. If Google Glass was banned on the road, how will Nissan make these devices safe for driving, and will the 3E work with other cars other than Nissan?

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