Playstation 4.5? Rumoured New Improved Hardware in the Works

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The Playstation 4 which ushered in the next generation (or current generation now) of gaming about 3 years ago, is rumoured to see an upgrade on its hardware as Sony is believed to be working on a newer console for this generation. Call it Playstation 4.5 if you will.

Playstation 4.5 – Better Gaming Experience?


The headset for Sony’s virtual reality, Playstation VR

It is believed that this upgrade will allow the “Playstation 4.5” the ability to play 4K resolution games and utilize virtual reality known as Playstation VR which will be release in October 2016. Currently, the Playstation 4 cannot game with 4K resolution, let alone read 4K Blu-Ray discs, thus leaving those with a 4K television in the dark. This rumoured improvement to the Playstation 4 is likely to add more processing power to the CPU and GPU on the Playstation 4 to handle such gaming experience.

Like the Slim Console Models

playstation-slimsThe “Playstation 4.5” new and improved hardware will of course be a whole new console rather than a flip and switch of new parts like on a PC. A new Playstation console model isn’t really a new idea, as in the past generations, it was done via a slimmer size console with a smaller CPU and GPU chipset that is also more power efficient but functions the same as previous iterations (Playstation 3 saw 2 different slim models). But this rumoured improvement comes with a whole new set of hardware that improves the gaming experience with better graphics while staying in the current generation of gaming.

Widely Accepted Method?

If true, how will gamers feel about the possibility of having to buy a new console of the same generation to play their games in a whole new experience of 4K and virtual reality? Let’s not forget, this current generation of gaming has already been criticized by gamers as being stale with rehash of previous games, sequels and “HD remakes” and with few new blockbuster games. Let us know in the comments.

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