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A new way to experience music is coming to the masses. PonoMusic will deliver or even bring back the exceptional music experience we once knew with vinyl and CDs with it’s digital store offering music in high quality audio. The dominant lossy audio format like the Mp3 is strongly supported by the iPod, iTunes store and many other mp3 supporting music stores and players that changing the market to a higher quality audio format may be difficult. High quality audio will make the music listening experience that much better. PonoMusic can offer a product that not even the popular iTunes store can offer – high quality and lossless audio music.

What’s this new device and store?

Neil Young founded PonoMusic for the purpose of delivering high quality, higher resolution, lossless audio format for music listeners. It will have a portable device allowing music lovers to listen to their favourite tracks from their favourite artists that will help deliver the promised high quality music experience with it’s hardware designed to reproduce the high quality sound. Most importantly, listeners can “feel” the music experience. Users can also purchase their favourite tracks as a high quality format from the Pono Music store when it officially launches. Both the store and device will be part of the PonoMusic eco-system. It will be the first such device for the purpose of delivering the best music experience since vinyl. The Pono Music website was recently launched to give people more information on this project as they officially launch the product and service later down the road. You can check out various artists’ testimonials on their music listening experience with Pono. 

pono music

Pono Music Player
Image courtesy of kickstarters.com

In terms of the PonoMusic portable player, the design will not really catch your attention. It wouldn’t necessary suite your fashion accessory if that is what your looking for from a portable music player like that of an iPod. However, the Pono player will suit your music experience with an audio chip built in to reproduce the proper sound that will enable playback of all your favourite songs in it’s intended quality and experience. Your headphones or speakers will need to be high-end to be able to produce the necessary range for listeners to fully experience the higher quality audio. Even without these headphones, it is worth holding onto the format that was originally intended by the artists as it will come in handy when the right occasion arises.

A new format to adapt?

Many audiophiles who care about the musical experience as it was originally intended, already rip their CDs as a WAV or FLAC format, the lossless format. However, in terms of being able to purchase high quality and lossless audio music, it isn’t widely available, at least not for the mainstream artists. The FLAC lossless format is the most popular and supported format and will be the standard on the PonoMusic store. Thus, any FLAC supported device can playback music from the PonoMusic store. The Pono player will support many different formats available that will make it easy for users to adapt to this device. You probably don’t want to add your Mp3s onto this device, especially when using high end speakers or headphones, where the terrible quality will be very apparent. Their music store could possibly offer studio tracks that will allow listeners to hear their favourite artists or songs in it’s original format before it gets engineered for CD or Mp3 listening purposes. See below for how PonoMusic compares to today’s way of listening to music through Mp3, CDs and streaming. Pono’s will deliver the best experience yet:

Chart is courtesy of ponomusic.com

Chart is courtesy of ponomusic.com

Neil Young’s goal of bringing back high quality music is just around the corner. Whether it will be a success is yet to be seen, but you can pledge your support for Pono Music on kickstarters and receive the Pono Player and various perks. It has already raised millions of dollars! Remember, this isn’t a magical new audio format or player; instead, it is bringing back the music listening experience that was lost when portability and storage space was an important factor. With the technological advances of today, there shouldn’t be any excuses for not having high quality format for music tracks; rather, we should be offering the choice of purchasing the original studio version even if it comes in a much larger file size. Will you be jumping onto the high quality bandwagon and support Pono Music?

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  1. Good write up. I agree, it’s about time this product was brought to market. I plan on playing the HD tracks I already own, and buying any future digital purchases in HD. I purchased my last mp3/mp4 in 2011, I just can’t take paying for that sound quality or lack of artwork and credits.

    The pono player should make everything sound better, regardless of your speakers or headphones. Gargage in = garbage out, so the improved file quality, DAC, and amplifiers in Ponoplayer should make everything sound better.

    First , best, most critical piece in any audio chain is the source. Everything else comes after that.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article. We agree, high quality audio is really needed especially with today’s technology growth. Hopefully PonoMusic takes off!

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