Ready For The New Xbox Console?


Are you ready for the next generation of the Xbox video gaming console? The Xbox 360 was a huge success for Microsoft even with the hardware issues when it was initially released ahead of the Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 3. The Kinect that was later introduced, which targeted the casual audience like the Wii, introduced motion control for the console. We expect the new Xbox to build on the success of the Xbox 360 along with the Kinect motion control system, but with new hardware to make the console better with realistic visuals and possibly a new dynamic.

17_xbox360_gtsNonLiveEnabled_4CPCentered_L-503x500Rumours have already begun as Microsoft is set to make an announcement about the future Xbox video gaming system on May 21. Rumours of the hardware is that it will be similar to the Sony Playstation 4 and will also include a Blu-Ray drive this time. The Blu-Ray drive will definitely help with storing game data on the physical copy of the game which hampered the Xbox 360 which used Dual-Layer DVD. The Blu-Ray means that this new Xbox should have games coming in single discs while packing more data with excellent graphics and visuals. The new Xbox console can play Blu-Ray movies that will allow the console to be a true home entertainment system unlike the Xbox 360 which supported the failed format in HD-DVD and rendered the the console incomplete as an entertainment system, but made up for it through online purchasing of movies through Xbox Live.

We should also see an improvement to the Kinect motion control system. The Kinect will probably be built into the console this time as oppose to being an add-on like on the Xbox 360. We should see an improvement to its tracking capability, ability to recognize more players and better gestures.

Even before any official announcement, Microsoft is already dealing with some backlash as rumours out there believe that the next Xbox will require the console to be always online. This requirement for games is to counter against second hand games and piracy. Always on  internet has always been a controversial way to deal with privacy as users cannot play their games, even in single player mode, without an online connection. It really restricts users and doesn’t allow the paying customer to have full control in how they want to use their console system that they purchased.

There are also some speculation of having virtual reality on the new Xbox. Virtual reality like the Oculus Rift will certainly add a new dynamic to the video gaming console, as virtual reality will take the gamer another step closer to being “in” the game. Unlike previous generations of video game consoles that added newer specs to boost more gaming power, the new consoles are now pushing innovation as the current generation like the Xbox 360, focused on motion control systems with the Kinect. The next generation of gaming consoles such as the new Xbox, may possibly see the debut of virtual reality gaming and bring about a new innovation to gaming.

The new Xbox announcement on May 21st should be interesting to see what Microsoft is bringing to the next generation of gaming console. New and improved hardware should be a benefit for all gamers and the possibility of virtual reality gaming will be rather interesting and futuristic.

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