Recon Jet starts shipping December 2013

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The new Augmented Reality Glasses is just an optic blast a way! Just imagine that your glasses has the ability to display information in a non-disruptive manner directly to your retina while you’re coasting down hill on your bicycle, or skateboard. The power to share your speed, location, and photos to your friends will always be at your finger tip.Recon Jet Amazingly, this new technology will soon be available to everyone and is not too far off in the future that it’s unreachable. Recon instruments has just announced that their product Recon Jet starts shipping December 2013. Excitingly, there’s been no word about a release date of their dangerous competitor — Google’s Project Glass. In our last article, Recon instrument’s website was only promoting a heads up display for alpine goggles. Now, their website has been updated to reflect their move into augmented reality glasses for sunglasses. Since these sunglasses could also be marketed to the masses, it would seem that they are moving onto Google Glass’s turf.

Recon Jet starts shipping December 2013

The much anticipated Recon Jet has many features. You can find the full specifications here.  There are a few key differences between Recon Jet and Google Glass. The Recon Jet Pilot edition only works on customized sunglasses developed by Recon instruments. On the other hand, Google Glass can be used with most glasses including prescription glasses. More importantly, we want to emphasize the features that will differentiate Recon Jet from Project Glass:
Recon Jet Black

  • 720p HD video-camera
  • 4-6 hours battery-life
  • third-party sensor support
  • GPS
  • microphone and speakers
  • full-color widescreen display
  • 9-Axis Sensor

The battery life seems disappointing; however, this is expected since this product is still in its introductory stage. On the other hand, given Google’s claim of one day of battery life on Project Glass, there is definitely going to be an fierce fight between Google Glass and Recon Jet from Recon Instruments. Of course, the Recon Jet product line is is mainly focused on athletes; where as, Project Glass is for the mass market. Intriguingly, they both seem to be running a variant of the Google Android Operating System, so don’t be surprised if they share the similar Application Programming Interfaces for developers. Pricing of the Recon Jet Pilot edition will be $599 but if pre-ordered before July 21st, it will be discounted $100. This will allow everyone to enjoy augmented reality for $499 if you wait 5 months.  That is $1000 less then those who won a Google Glass for $1500 on May of 2013. A question  to keep in mind is, does the start up company, Recon Instruments has enough resources to compete with Google? and will Google participate in a pricing war against lead Recon Instruments or will they market their product as a premium product?

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