Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Announced: Is It Too Big?

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The next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Note series has been announced. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming out as a bigger version than it’s predecessor, Note 2, with newer hardware and software features. However, would this device just be getting to the range of being too big? note3

The Galaxy Note phablet makes for a great productivity tool with the help of the S-Pen and acting as your phone at the same time. The newly announced Note 3 is no different, as it will feature what users enjoy about the Note, which is the big screen, S-Pen for accurate productivity work and applications to help you get work done. The Note 3 looks similar to the Galaxy S4, except with a much bigger screen size of 5.7 inches at 1080P on a s Super AMOLED display. Also, the back of the device sports a faux leather design. At 5.7 inches, we wonder when a big screen smartphone will just be too big, but until then, the Note series will likely get bigger and bigger each year. It will also come in 3 colours, black, white and pink.

In terms of usage, users should find the same applications they have come to know with the Note that works with the S-Pen. Users can draw and multi-task using a dual screen thanks to the device’s big screen and s-pen. A new feature introduced in the Note 3 known as Air-Command, allows users to quickly navigate and do work by using the S-Pen where tapping on the screen opens a fan like menu for users to quickly select options. This feature is quite similar to the Pie Control application, but with different options given. Users can download the Pie Control application from the Google Play Store or have it built in from the custom roms on your rooted Android smartphone.

Ultra-HD Recording Camera

The Note 3 does feature a 4K Ultra-HD camera on it’s 13MP rear camera, allowing users to record at 30fps. As we prepare for the next level of high-definition, the Note 3 will allow users to record video at ultra-HD for more realistic footages. If you haven’t seen 4K footage before, you can go on YouTube and find some nice 4K video.


Hardware seems to be up from previous standards as Galaxy Note 3 will have either a 32GB or 64GB of internal space with 3GB RAM instead of the current standard of 2GB. We are likely to see smartphones begin sporting these specs soon as the Android operating system will demand more internal space and memory usage. A Quad-core 2.3GHZ processor will also power the device, giving it enough speed to keep it running smoothly. The Note 3 will sport TouchWiz and due to new features being introduced on this device, it should be reasonable that Samsung offers 3GB of RAM to keep this device running smoothly as previous TouchWiz interface uses a lot of memory and causes the devices to slow down rather quickly.

As another Note series is released and each time it gets bigger and bigger, we wonder how sales of these devices will do. The Note 3 can be a useful tool like previous Note phablets with great specs, but is a 5.7 inch smartphone just too big to carry around? Wouldn’t carrying around a tablet like the 7 inch Nexus 7 be more practical than an in between smartphone and tablet sort of device?

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