Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: A Unique Display

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Samsung launched a new smartphone known as the Galaxy Note Edge. It is essentially the newly announced Galaxy Note 4, except with a bent screen on the left side. This unique curved display on the Note Edge offers some different ways of using the smartphone that has never been done before. Users can have the option of having a side menu while running an app and wouldn’t need to go through the extra steps to find the options or have it take up your main display screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with its unique display style could be a niche selling point for an already water downed smartphone market. galaxy-note-edge-official


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What is this bent display for? 

As Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 4, a 5.7 inch smartphone with a stylus, it also launched an alternative to it known as the Galaxy Note Edge. The difference is Samsung put it’s display technology to use and added a bent or curve to the left side of the display which offers you a new and unique way to experience this gigantic smartphone or phablet. The curved side of the display provides a 2nd screen like feature for the device, but not much can be accomplished with it other than to use it to show menus while in an app. For example, while watching a video, the curved area will display your playback options so that you don’t have to touch the screen for the options to be displayed. Or it can display shortcuts of other apps without having to scroll through your app drawer. For those who prefer the curve to be on the right side, you can flip your device upside down and the screen will adjust to it. The curved display feature is still new and developers can probably take advantage of this extra display to add efficiency to app functionality over time.


Galaxy Note Edge (left) Galaxy Note 4 (right)

Difference vs Note 4 

The Galaxy Note Edge is 5.6 inches and 3.8mm wider than the newly announced Note 4 which is 5.7 inches. The Note Edge offers the highest resolution display of any smartphone on the market at 1600 x 2560 while the Note 4 is only 1400 x 2560. The resolution difference is minor and will hardly be noticeable, but for some people it really matters. The battery of the Note Edge is however smaller, at 3000mAh vs the Note 4’s 3220mAh, which we wonder if it will cause a faster drain on the battery as the Note Edge runs its curved display that acts like a 2nd screen. Apart from the display, the Galaxy Note Edge and Note 4 feature the same internal specs of 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory (64GB microSD upgradable) and offers a stylus.

Which to pick?

Both the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy Note 4 are gigantic devices. Both smartphones can be troublesome to people as holding it on your hand can be tiresome as it forces your hand to stretch out or too clunky in your pocket. But if you don’t mind the size of both devices, than it’s a choice between the two latest Note smartphones by Samsung. If you’re a previous Galaxy Note user, like last year’s Note 3 and enjoyed your experience, than the Note 4 will improve on that. If you like to try something new that is not available with other smartphones, go with the Galaxy Note Edge with its unique curved display that can make the device less tedious to use with its ability to function as a side menu. Of course, more can be accomplished with the curved display once developers have the chance to try it out.

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