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How does a top of the line Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone with stock Android out of the box sound? At the 2013 Google I/O Conference, Google announced the launch of a Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android built into the smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy S4 with Stock Android. Image courtesy of Engadget


This means users will be able to have the hardware power of the Galaxy S4¬†without Samsung’s tweaked Android user-interface known as Touchwiz. It will offer the same experience as a Nexus smartphone and will allow users to receive Android updates straight from Google. The only catch will be that you will need to make a trip to the U.S to purchase this version of the Samsung Galaxy S4.


The main advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android is that users who want to have Samsung’s hardware can do so while retaining the stock Android operating system by Google. This means that there are no bloatware, which will allow users to have more memory usage and can take advantage of the 2GB RAM from the Galaxy S4. Android updates by Google will mean that users can receive the latest version of Android as soon as they are released from Google, while those who are on Samsung version of Android will need to wait. This version of the Galaxy S4 will offer users a true Android experience while taking advantage of Samsung’s top end hardware. The Samsung features such as Smart Stay, hover, eye scroll etc, will not be part of this device as Samsung’s overlay of Android, Touchwiz, is not installed into the system, only the stock Android OS is.

The one difference we noticed with the Galaxy S4 running stock Android is that there are no on-screen navigation buttons that you find on Nexus device. Users of the Galaxy S4 with stock Android will still use the hardware and capacitive touch buttons to navigate home, back or open the menu. We don’t believe that this will ruin the stock Android experience only that accidentally touching the capacitive touch buttons can occur while typing on the keyboard.

Although users can already root their Galaxy S4 to install a stock Android OS into their device, they do not receive Android OS updates straight from Google. Also, users may not want to risk bricking their expensive smartphones trying to root and install a custom firmware, which will make this version of the Galaxy S4 with stock Android a true Android experience by Google.


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