Samsung Galaxy S5 Announced: What’s New


Samsung announced the new edition to their Galaxy series, the Galaxy S5. It is no surprise that this smartphone is bigger than the previous Galaxy S4 and of course better in terms of specs. But what is really different between the Galaxy S5 and the S4? Does it offer a more simple and efficient user experience this time around?



Galaxy S5 Comes in 4 Colours
(Image courtesy of androidcentral)

First thing we noticed with the new Galaxy S5 is the slight change in design since the Galaxy S3 was released. The S5 has a more rectangular look as the corners are less rounded this time. It is more inline with their Galaxy S2 smartphone design than the more recent iterations of their Galaxy S smartphones. But like the Galaxy S4, the S5 will have a metallic edge running around the device for a slightly premium feel. In addition, it will be similar to the Note 3 on the back where there is a faux leather look to it along with 4 different colours – black, gold, blue and white.

In terms of screen size, users will get a 0.1 inch increase from the previous Galaxy S4, as the S5 comes in at 5.1 inches with 1080P AMOLED display. Both the current and previous iteration (S4) feature a 1080P display, which is in today’s industry standards a normal feature to have.

Efficiency and Simplicity

A new feature that the Galaxy S5 has is the fingerprint scanner that functions by swiping over the home button. Like the iPhone 5S, Samsung has incorporated this as a security feature, except Samsung takes it much further than just to unlock the device. Users of the Galaxy S5 can use the fingerprint scanner to make purchases using PayPal or to restrict apps that you don’t want others to be able to access. This also adds a bit of convenience for the user as it takes away the need to input username and password for your online shopping needs through the PayPal service.


Simple looking icons
(image courtesy of CNET)

In terms of the operating system, the Galaxy S5 will run on Android 4.4 KitKat, the latest in the Android OS with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. But what’s different this time with the TouchWiz is Samsung has simplified it more instead of the usual excessive bloatware. There are less Samsung software this time around which will ease up the memory load. Most of all, like Apple’s visual overhaul, Samsung has also chosen this time around with the launch of the Galaxy S5, to also overhaul some of their visuals for the tabs so that it looks simple.

Overall, the Galaxy S5 is a minor update from it’s predecessor but with more efficiency for the user. The design looks more like the first two iterations of the Galaxy smartphone, mixed with the back design of the Note 3. The additions of a fingerprint scanner that adds security with efficiency is a welcome addition for users who are always on the go and wants to complete their online purchases much quicker. Samsung’s choice to keep their interface, TouchWiz, simple this time around is a great idea as users shouldn’t find their device to slowdown as easily this time. The Galaxy S5 seems to be only a minor upgrade but does offer quick and simple to use functionality.

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