Samsung Galaxy S6: Too iPhone Like?


Samsung unveiled the latest Galaxy smartphone today that sports a new design. Unlike the last 3 iterations of the Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S6 gets an upgrade with a more premium design. There is no longer a removable battery or SD card slot due to the use of a glass finish on the front and the back. Design also draw similarities with the iPhone.common_SM-G920F_005_L-Front30_black

The Galaxy smartphone has been using the same design for the last 3 years. The S6 features a new design where the back cover is no longer removable – meaning no more replaceable battery . This was a huge selling point in previous Galaxy smartphones and users found it useful, especially when they are always travelling and needed the extra juice. The Galaxy S6 also dropped the SD card slot for extra storage space – another selling point in the past for people who needed the extra space or to port information over via their sd card. The lack of these features makes the S6 a downgrade compared to past iterations. But these had to be dropped as Samsung chose to upgrade their build quality using glass for the front and back instead of the plastic build they have been using in years past.


Back of the S6 with the new glass build and no removable cover

The design of this new smartphone also looks too similar to the iPhone 6. The frame of the device has a metallic finish which makes it seem more of a durable and premium device – not that it is a bad idea, just how it is designed is too much like the iPhone. The back and the bottom of the Galaxy S6 reminds us of the iPhone in many ways in terms of the shape and design – even the holes for the speakers at the bottom. On the other hand, the front of the device remains similar to the previous Galaxy smartphone with the same rectangular style home button and similar aesthetics on the front. It will also come in 4 different colours which Samsung calls White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Blue Topaz and Gold Platinum.


Side view of the new S6

The display for this device is a 5.1 inch, Quad-HD of 1440 x 2560 resolution – perfect for 4k video! Speaking of 4K video, the camera allows users to record 4K video on the rear camera that is also a 16 megapixel camera. For selfie purposes, the front camera will offer a 5MP camera.

On the software side, it will again feature Samsung’s Touchwiz with Android 5.0. Most importantly, Samsung is offering Microsoft apps built into the devicem such as Skype OneNote and 2 years with 115GB of OneDrive storage.  The device is powered by their Exynos octa-core 64-bit processor and loaded with 3GB RAM.

It is interesting to see Samsung move away from the removable battery and expanded storage space to have a fresh design. As good as we think the new design is, we find it looks too much like an iPhone, especially the back and the frame most notably. A change in the design is surely an upgrade to years past where this time it doesn’t feel cheap; however, at a cost of some features that people found useful and handy. What is your take on the new design?


Andrew is a co-founder of DeviceCritique. As a tech savvy individual, he aims to explains tech in a simple manner while also providing support for those who need help with their devices or computers.