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So it’s another year and another iteration of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line. This year, the Galaxy S7 looks to build on their previous iteration that introduced a new design for the Samsung smartphone lineup. To continue that trend, here is what has been rumoured so far with supposedly leaked photographs of this new Galaxy smartphone:

S7 & S7 Edge Renderings courtesy of @evleaks

S7 & S7 Edge Renderings courtesy of @evleaks

  • Aluminium unibody design with a curved backing (possibly for easier grip)
  • Micro-USB port 2.0 – Would be better if Samsung used the USB Type-C port like the Nexus 6P so it wouldn’t matter which way you plug the cable in
  • Fingerprint reader for security and paying option – likely located on the hardware
    home button, but we wish to see it on the back like the Nexus 6P for convenience and practicality
  • Will come in a shiny Silver colour and possibly Gold
  • The standard Samsung hardware “Home” button will be on the front – we wish they move on to the onscreen touch option like the stock Android devices
  • Running Android 6.0 OS (Touchwiz-ed) out of the box with 4GB RAM & 1440 x 2560 resolution on a Super AMOLED display
  • Rumour “always on display” that will use low power consumption to display important info (like calendar, notifications etc) on your screen while it is off

Samsung will debut their new S7 smartphone on Feb 21 in which we will have the final details of what this new device will pack in it’s sleek design.s7leak

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