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Sony’s NEX series certainly has a variety of interesting line up of Sony Cameras. These Sony Cameras are equipped with an APS-C size sensor to provides entry-level dslr image quality. There’s an arsenal of 21 lenses to choose from, and a beautiful 3 inch swivel screen to do your self-portraits or video blogging. It’s growing popularity has given birth to a variety of third party accessories available for the NEX series. Whichever NEX Series Sony camera you pick up, you will receive no ordinary mirror-less interchangeable lens camera. It’s capability to create high quality images is unmatched even against its competitor Canon EOS M. It’s set of manual controls has the power to spark creativity to even the casual photographer. Sony’s NEX 5 series is truly unique. It’s LCD has the ability to flip 180 degrees which makes taking self-portraits or video blogging a breeze. We could not find another mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras in the market with as many features and similar price-point. However, with this unique ability, it sacrifices, a hot shoe, and OLED view-finder of the NEX 6. Sony has announced that the nex generation NEX 5 series will be released on September 4 2013 — the NEX-5T.  So what is new with the Sony NEX-5T?

Sony Camera NEX-5T VS NEX-5R

ZYFRONT-MDWith the start of the NEX-5R in 2012, Sony improved over the NEX-5N of 2011 by adding Wifi connectivity; thus, opening the possibility to download apps from Sony’s playMemories store to the camera, and share images with your phone or tablet. The NEX 5R received minor physical hardware control updates, and software on the camera. So what will they add to the NEX-5T? In short, NFC. The user can pair their smart phone or tablet to the 5T, and control their camera from your smart phone. This would be useful in a situation where you cannot reach your camera such as when your camera is on a very tall tripod. Secondly, sharing photos to your NFC enabled phone should be easier.

So is it worth it?

The 5T will ship with the 16-50mm power zoom lens for roughly $700, and the body only for $500. This is $50 dollars more than the the previous generation 5R; however, since the power zoom lense kit costs $349 standalone, you would be saving $150 by purchasing the kit. NFC does seem like a minor update, and certainly does not seem too important in hindsight if you already own the NEX-5R or NEX-5N; however, if not, the 5T with the 16-50mm power zoom lens seems like a bargain. Perhaps they will replace the the resistive touch screen of the 5R with to a capacitive touch screen like the 5N to make it easier to type on the keyboard. That would add even more value to an already powerful Sony Camera.

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