Sony Digital Paper: The Perfect Paper Replacement?

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Are you prepared to ditch paper? It might save a lot of trees and avoid clear cutting of forests. Sony launched the Digital Paper product as a way to replace paper. It is essentially a tablet, but not quite, more like an e-book reader, where font and graphics are much easier on the eyes. Can this new Sony product be practical enough to replace paper with Digital Paper?

What is it?

The Sony Digital Paper is much like a tablet, but built for reading document files or storing digital documents, so don’t expect too many fancy abilities like you find on the typical tablet. It has all the usual like WI-FI capabilities which can make sharing documents with other much easier and a micro-SD for expandable memory. Users can store thousands of PDF documents and with the e-link display, reading with this device will be easier on the eyes than tablets like the iPad. It is the same display you find on e-book devices that you would use to carry around your digital books. The battery life on the Digital Paper should last 3 weeks and is rechargeable. digital paper

But what it doesn’t solve when it comes to “digital paper” are some people’s need to flip through pages with their hand. Flipping through pages by hand can be much simpler to do than through a display screen that shows a page at a time, or more if you shrink the display size of the document. However, this 13 inch 1200X1600 display device can make digital paper more of a reality as it is more practical when it comes to reading documents than a typical tablet like the iPad or Samsung Tab 3.

Perfect For Office Use

digital paper 2

Users can scribble notes or use it as a notepad much like a typical tablet and it also comes with a stylus. Also, instead of just being a device for reading, users can jot notes down while they are reading or in meetings etc. This way, it function like a typical use of the everyday paper we have on our desks, but will be easier on the eyes when you read off it. What it can’t do is run various apps like on the typical tablet as this device is not built for that purpose, nor will it have the hardware for it. It is strictly for reading or writing some notes like you can on the typical piece of paper making it much easier to organize and store your documents – great for office use which is Sony’s intended target. The days of going through all those papers or binders to find information is coming to an end!

Reading documents and being able to scribble, write like you can on a piece of paper can be done electronically through Sony’s Digital Paper. But for $1100, this is one expensive piece(s) of paper to hold documents, even for businesses. Would you buy the Digital Paper to replace papers?

Andrew is a co-founder of DeviceCritique. As a tech savvy individual, he aims to explains tech in a simple manner while also providing support for those who need help with their devices or computers.

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