Sony Playstation 4 A Winner?

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Is Sony going to win the console war this time? We think the Playstation 4 certainly has a big edge over their competitor–the Xbox One. Sony revealed the Playstation 4 console box at E3 2013 and it will fit nicely in your living room’s home entertainment space. But most importantly, it will give users the choice to play used games and without the need to be always connected to the internet. ps4_play_imgThe Playstation 4 will allow gamers the flexibility to use the console the way they want to. Also at a price of $399, it is certainly more attractive than the Xbox One that is priced at $499 with restrictions for used games.

However, a Playstation Plus subscription is needed for online play, but not for accessing other applications, unlike Xbox Live Gold that is required to use any application such as Netflix, YouTube etc.

Sony has so far put little focus on the home entertainment side of the console, which was nearly a disaster for the Playstation 3 with the Blu-Ray home entertainment route. With Microsoft’s heavy television integration and controversy over the Kinect camera, it may not be looking good for the Xbox One. Hopefully the Playstation 4 stays focus on games throughout it’s life-cycle and not deviate towards a media-hub first approach like the Xbox 360. We will definitely recommend the Playstation 4 as the go to next gen console that enables gamers to take their console with them, even to places without internet. Most importantly gamers can share games among their friends (something we learn in kindergarten right?).


Microsoft will be removing the DRM and always online policy for the Xbox One which will allow the console to function like the Xbox 360. Consumers can also share their game discs with their friends as well.

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