Sony PlayStation4 and Xbox One

Sony Xbox

It’s no doubt that Sony made an impressive grand opening with the launch of the PS4 a few days ago. Just selling over 1 million units in US and Canada, the Sony Playstation4 appears to be selling well. The Xbox One will be launching tomorrow — November 22nd, and we will finally see these two titans clash.  However, one question still remains, with the negative publicity regarding the initial announcement of the Xbox One, how will Xbox One launch sales figures differ from the Sony  Playstation4?

Sony Playstation4

The Sony Playstation4 is the less expensive choice, and its main focus is solely gaming. Costing only $381 dollars to construct,  a price point of $399, Sony makes $18 dollars per unit sold.  This means if Sony sold just 1 million PS4 at launch, they have a gross profit of $18 million the first day. Of course, we did not add in the revenue generated from an online subscription of PlayStation Plus.  Assuming this is a perfect Sony world where everyone of the 1 million customers that purchased a PS4 paid for a 1 year subscription to PlayStation Plus. As you know the price of a 1 year subscription to PlayStation Plus is $50 USD, Sony would have generated $50 million dollars at the start and as an on going yearly revenue unless people drop off the boat. Do not get too excited though, we never took in account of marketing and administrative expensives that occurred through the initial release. Regardless, the initial game line up for the PS4 seems quite impressive as well. PS4 has 26 games currently, and 180 games in the upcoming 3 month period. There isn’t anything special with their launch titles, but the list of games in the making seem quite full and filling with Final Fantasy XIV as an exclusive.

sony playstation4

Xbox One

The Xbox is the most expensive plastic box you can purchase. It comes with a hefty price tag of $499, and a chassis that resembles the orginal xbox. Microsoft’s reason for charging consumer an extra $100 is that all Xbox one comes with a standardized Kinect camera, which may woo the casual gamer crowd a bit. Of course, if you’re a casual gamer, you might just play with your smartphone, or buy a Nintendo Wii U, and graduate from Wii University.  We do not know how much it cost for Microsoft to manufacture one Xbox one at this time. We do know that the Xbox One is being sold as more as an entertainment system rather than pure gaming. We find that rather interesting. The Play Station 3 did not sell well when Sony tried to market it as an entertainment system, and now Microsoft thinks they can do better. In terms of launch titles, Xbox One has 22 launch titles and 6 titles in the launch window with Forza Motorsport as the main show, and up to 60 more to come in the future.

xbox one


Sony Playstation4 versus Xbox One

We are quite intrigued by how Sony and Microsoft switched places in terms of the marketing of these new products. It was not too long ago when the Sony Playstation 3 was marketed as a gaming and entertainment system, and the Xbox 360 was a pure gaming console. Not only that, a PS3 was more costly than the Xbox One, and Sony suffered quite a bit with their initial launch.  Now Xbox One is taking the Play Station 3’s place as the “entertainment system”, and the Playstation3 as a pure gaming console. With this turnabout, will the Xbox One stay number one?



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