Sony’s Portable Camera Lens For Smartphones

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Sony recently introduced two portable camera lenses for smartphones, DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100, each model comes with different zoom. Smartphone cameras have always been limited due to their need to be smaller and more compact but there has never been a balance that will allow users to have more zooming ability with more megapixels and high quality photographs on their smartphone devices. Sony may have achieved this with their wireless lens that works with many different smartphones. Z-Sony-QX100-and-QX10-L

The Sony QX100 and QX10 portable camera lens for smartphones mainly targets users of smartphones who love photography. Users can take photographs while on the go without having to really worry about the quality of photographs when they don’t have a DSLR camera. The lens even comes with an attachment so that it can be attached onto the back of your smartphone to convert your smartphone into a camera looking device. However, it can be somewhat inconvenient, as users will have to carry the lens separately as it is quite big to fit into your pockets with it attached onto the back of your device.

Syncs Wirelessly

The idea of being able to wirelessly connect your smartphone with the lens without having to physically attach it to your device is quite innovative and brings a new element to portable photography. High-quality photography with an easily portable device is possible and you will no longer have to worry about not having your high end camera to capture a wonderful scenic view.

Compatible Devices?


Sony’s portable lens functions on both iPhone and Android devices. The playmemories app will be needed to use the qx10,and qx100, and can be found on the App or Play Store. This strategy by Sony will certainly help people with shooting  high quality photography due to it’s cross device capabilities and with already available devices.

The portable lens comes with zoom capabilities that will allow for much higher zooming capabilities than there are on a smartphone. The QX100 will have 3X optical zoom but will have a great sensor that will produce much higher quality photographs than the QX10. The QX10 model will have 10X zoom. QX100 having a much better sensor will cost $499 while QX10 will cost $249.

Whether you enjoy taking photography or not, the two Sony portable lenses will never leave you without the perfect tool to capture a great moment or scenic view. Smartphones already provide portable photography as we always carry our smartphones with us, but what it doesn’t offer are pictures that are of much higher quality. The two Sony camera lenses may not fit in your pockets, which is a bit inconvenient, but you can store it in your backpack like you do with your water bottle when your out on your daily routine.

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