Start Button Returning For Windows 8?


Is the Start Button returning in a Windows 8 update? The button that users missed in the Windows 8 operating system could be making a return, but will not function the same way as you have come to know.


Start Button returning for Windows 8?
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Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system has┬áreceived much negativity. Most of it comes from the new user interface known as the Start Screen or metro UI and doesn’t give users the ability to boot into the classic desktop that we have all come to know with Windows. But even when users manually switch to the classic desktop view, there is one feature that is missing, the Start Button. However, recent rumours have it that the Start Button in the classic view for the Windows 8 operating system may be returning. But is it really coming back? Rumours say that it is nothing more than a button to take the user back to the new Start Screen, the new metro user interface that was introduced for Windows 8. This move isn’t really a surprise as Microsoft seems to support the new layout that they introduced for Windows 8 that replaced the classic desktop view and Start Button.

The Start Screen or metro UI, replaced the original classic desktop view and the Start Button. The Start Button was a menu that allowed users to access their applications from their desktop without having to go through the folders on their hard drive. Some may have used the Start Button but others didn’t like it as much because it was too much work to browse through the menu and they rather have their desktop filled with shortcuts for quick access to their applications. For that reason, Microsoft chose to rid of the Start Button and helped users organized their main layout through the new UI known as the Start Screen which combines the user’s shortcuts and Start Button options in an organized and interactive manner. It is just too bad that this overhaul is met with much negativity because it suits a touch device more than the traditional desktop or laptop computer.


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