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Nexus 6P The Best Pure Android Device

The newly released Nexus 6P is out and are in consumer’s hands, especially for those who pre-ordered! It’s been almost a week since we got our hands on this new pure Android smartphone device and we have to admit, it is the best pure Android Nexus device made to date. Build quality and battery life are superb!

World Cup in 4K Resolution: When Can you get 4K?

As the world watches the World Cup 2014 hosted by Brazil, FIFA agreed with Sony to shoot some of their games in 4K that will allow you to watch the World Cup in 4K resolution. Devices like the Galaxy S5 or Xperiz Z2 can already record in 4K resolution. But what about consuming 4K on the big screen? Sony is one of the first TV makers to push out a 4K television; however, without any 4K resolution l...

Sony 4K camcorder FDR-AX100 FDR-AX1

In our last discussion about 4K Television, we talked about the technical issues surrounding 4K television, and how Sony needs to address many of these problems to make 4K television a success. Introducing new technology such as 4K is not a simple process, and is like putting together a puzzle. After placing 4K television on the puzzle board, Sony will needs to fuel the demand for such product by ...