Google Now From Anywhere

Ok Google! If you’re on an Android device, you can now do a Google Search by voice from anywhere on your device. Quick, efficient and hands-free searching on Google Now application is now possible no matter what you are doing on the device. All you need is your voice to use Google Now from anywhere to search. 

Experiencing The Super Bowl With Tech

So it’s NFL Super Bowl Sunday, where many eyes are staring at a television set to either watch the game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks or tuning into those ever popular, highly expensive commercials (although if you’re from Canada you might not see the American commercials). With that in mind, there are many ways people are following the Super Bowl and in most case...

Google Now Available On iOS

Google Now is available on iOS devices now.  iOS devices such as iPad, and iPhones  now have access to Google’s application and allows them to find and follow information that they want to know while on the go.

Google Play Store Update Offers A New Layout

Google released an update to the Play Store  that is still being pushed out to Android smartphones and tablets. The update brings the Google Play Store to version 4.0 and offers a new layout. The new layout found in the update  makes the Play Store brighter instead of the dark themed main screen found when users first entered the Google Play Store. The update also offers a simple look on the main ...