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Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 gives consumers the choice of an S4 that can be used in water environments. This device is almost similar to the original Galaxy S4, only exceptions are some of the hardware features and a durable waterproof build.

Samsung ‘s waterproof Galaxy S4. Galaxy S4 Active, allows them to enter the waterproof smartphone market. The Galaxy S4 Active’s specs are exactly the same as the original Samsung Galaxy S4. The S4 Active can be used underwater at a depth of 1 meter only. It’s camera mode offers a new feature not found on the original Galaxy S4 called Aqua mode, which is there mainly to make your photos and videos captured underwater to look amazing. However, we should note that the camera is not the same as the original S4, as the Active sports an 8MP camera instead of 13MP. However, it’s camera and style of phone would still make for a great smartphone to use in your swimming pool or anywhere outdoors.

Galaxy S4 Active

Galaxy S4 Active

A physical difference between the waterproof Galaxy S4 Active and the original S4 is that the back of the device has a rubber-like cover, which makes the device waterproof. It encloses the back so that water does not seep in and really gives it a great handle on the phone. It certainly adds a premium feel for the device compared to the original Galaxy S4 that has an all plastic shell.

The front of the Galaxy S4 Active features three hardware buttons- home, back and menu- whereas the original S4 has two capacitive touch buttons (menu and back with a physical home). Touch sensitive buttons being accidentally triggered in water shouldn’t be a factor for this as theĀ Sony Xperia Z, which is also waterproof, does not feature any physical menu, home or back buttons and only uses the default Android touch buttons. We would have preferred Samsung to start using the on-screen touch buttons found in all Nexus Android devices which is how Google intended for the operating system to be used.

The Galaxy S4 Active also differs in the display it uses. The original Galaxy S4 uses an AMOLED display, whereas the Active uses a LCD screen which makes the display look less appealing. Colours on the LCD display will not be as vibrant as the AMOLED display found in the original Galaxy S4.

If you are looking for a new smartphone, the Galaxy S4 Active will be a great device to choose from as it is more sturdy than the original S4. Add the waterproof capabilities and you can enjoy your time out in the pool. The only drawback for us are the use of physical buttons on the front and the LCD display instead of the AMOLED. However, if those hardware nitpicks aren’t a concern for you, by all means, purchase the S4 Active, but if you really want very nice appealing designed smartphone that is waterproof, check out the Sony Xperia Z.

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