News on Windows 10 Insider Preview 14342

Microsoft released a quick update for their Microsoft Windows 10 operating system on May 10, 2016. The update named KB3156421 improves the overall operating system quality and fixes a few security issues.

Below is a list of improvements.

  • Improved reliability in a number of areas including Cortana, Bluetooth, Shell, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Miracast, and USB.
  • Fixed memory leak that occurs when opening a portable document format (PDF) form multiple times.
  • Fixed issues with text alignment for right to left languages in Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed issue that affected Bluetooth function when a PC resumes from sleep.
  • Fixed issue where user accounts weren’t locked out after a number of failed sign in attempts.
  • Fixed issue with revised daylight saving time.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes corrupts CompactFlash cards inserted into a card reader.
  • Fixed issue that caused recorded video to be lost when answering an incoming call on some phones.
  • Fixed issue that could result in unexpected battery drain while the phone screen is off.
  • Fixed additional security issues with kernel mode drivers, remote procedure calls, the Microsoft Graphics Component, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Windows Shell, Windows Journal, Virtual Secure Mode, Schannel, and Jscript.
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Sadly, there were no features in this release; however, Microsoft  have announced Windows 10 Insider Preview 14342 which boosts a few new rather useful features.

Microsoft Windows Insider Preview 14342

Microsoft Edge Extensions

Microsoft Edge is taking an edge forward against Google Chrome by adding new extensions that can be downloaded directly from the Windows Store. Apparently, for those who are running Windows 10 inside preview editions already, your installed extensions will be removed and you’ll have to reinstall ones you want from the Windows Store. Disappointing, however, Microsoft has big plans for extensions in future releases. They claim that in future updates extensions will automatically be re-downloaded and installed and will behave more like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. New extensions are available for you to try out. Some that are rather useful such as Pin It button, and mouse gestures.

Real-time Web Notification on Microsoft Edge

Another feature that was added is a “real-time web notification feature” in Microsoft Edge. Friends can send you messages on skype for web while you’re on you are playing on your xbox app, and a notification will appear. If you click on the notification, you will be right back in Microsoft edge at the site that sent it. This feels rather familiar to an iOS pop up notification except you can receive notifcations from the websites rather than from just apps.This could be useful. Perhaps now, you wont need apps anymore.

Swipe Navigation in Microsoft Edge

Swipe gestures have been implemented. Now you can swipe from anywhere on the page to get back to your previous page. This will come to the mobile build soon.

Bash on Windows

Bash on Windows will be improved as Symlinks within Windows Subsystems for linux will be functional on mounted Windows directories. Users with non-Latin Windows usernames will now be able to install bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Apps for websites

Soon you will be able to redirect certain websites to open up as an app instead, which sounds like an interesting feature that will turn any website into an App. Very clever.

Overall, there are quite a number features with this release to get excited about. As a test subject, you get to play around with all these features, but on the other hand you get all these bugs as well.

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