Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS Applications can now be ran on your browser

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Our old big buddy ol’ pal, has created a huge library of archived games on the MS-DOS platform and Windows 3.1 era on their online website. So now you can remember those days on at the convenience of your web browser! The greatest part of all these online applications is that they are FREE. Thats right.

msdosMS-DOS Games

For a jolt of nostalgia, you could play old DOS classics like:

Of course, you could download DOSBox, and play these games too. However, if you are in a closed environment, or if the evil Information Technology department locked down your workstation and only left you with a web browser you could always navigate to and get your nerd rage on, and perhaps those Information Technology Specialist will get a nerd-gasm at the same time from watching you play. It is also more convenient to use the website as some of these games only provide momentary euphoria, and installing these games would have wasted a few minutes of your time.

win31logoWindows 3.1 games and applications

The Windows 3.1 applications are even more interesting. uploaded a quite a few applications that you might find very nostalgic depending on what year you were born.

These applications were state of the art back in those days and they still serve entertainment value even today (especially SkiFree). Now it would be interesting to see what would be posted on 20 years from now. Perhaps most of early 2000 to 2010?

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