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windows 7Have you ever wondered how to make your windows based machines more productive? Do you want to perform tasks such as copy and paste done as quickly as possible? There are many ways to increase your productivity, and many free lightweight tools to install onto your workstation or laptop. This will allow you to work smarter — not harder. These tips and tools will increase your productivity in the office, or at home. Impress your co-workers and and get them excited about these extremely useful windows 7 tips, and simple tools.

Windows 7 tips #1 : Getting used to Windows shortcut keys

Microsoft Windows 7 is the best windows operating system yet. You know why? There are some really useful shortcuts that can allow you to do some amazing tricks that you would not typically find doing on a Mac.

Open windows internet explorer, and hold down windows keyand  left arrow The window should snap to the left side of your screen. Then open another windows internet explorer window, and  and right arrow key. Another window should snap to the right side of your screen. By now, you should have two windows side by side at same time. If you have two widescreen monitors, you can have 4 windows open side by side simultaneously, and if you have 3 monitors, you can compare up to 6 windows open simultaneously. Using this shortcut is extremely useful for comparing a vast amount of data, and will definitely increase your productivity.

Hold  and ‘+’ to zoom into an area of the screen you want to magnify. This shortcut is extremely useful if you have a high resolution display.

Hold  and ‘d’ to minimize all your open windows. This allows you to access your desktop quickly.

Hold  and start typing in a term you would like to search.  This shortcut allows you to access the windows search anywhere in Windows. It’s extremely useful if you need to find a file on your computer.

If you want to learn more shortcuts and master the art of shortcuts, we suggest you visit the Microsoft Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut site for the full listing.

Those of you that have updated to Microsoft Windows 8 have extra shortcuts for you to play around with. We found the extra keyboard shortcuts to be quite useful.

Hold windows 8 +period(.) will allow you to cycle through all the Windows apps that are open giving you easy access to all your apps.

Hold windows 8 + ‘o’ will allow you to lock the screen orientation, and your pesky accelerometer wont bother you when you are lying down and watching a movie on your bed.

Hold windows 8 + (Spacebar) If you change languages quite often, this shortcut is for you. You will be able to switch your language quite quickly, instead of having to use the language bar. This shortcut will cycle through your languages in the regional language settings.

We suggest you visit the Microsoft Windows 8 Keyboard shortcut site for their full listing.

Install these free simple yet powerful programs

logo_wds_whiteEver so often, there is a potential risk of your harddrive mysteriously becoming bloated all of a sudden. Having search for all the files that are extremely large is quite time consuming. Fortunately, there is a very nice simple and light weight tool that will allow you to quickly gauge what files are taking up the most space on your hard disks. This program is called Win Dir Stat, and is extremely useful.



Do you copy and paste data quite often? Then use Ditto, the clipboard manager, and copy all those works quicker and more efficiently. The limitations of Microsoft Clipboard is that it can only store one piece of information at a time. Ditto gives you the power to recall the history of what you have copied, and regurgitate it back in your face! Just imagine you have to make a multiple choice test for a quiz online convenient using Ditto.


iconThe more you use your computer, the more likely there will be duplicated files that end up plaguing your computer, and you might be keen on buying a new hard-drive to obtain more space. Since finding all the duplicated files and deleting them can be tedious, we have a nifty program that will just do that. It’s called YADFR ( Yet Another Duplicated File Remover). There is an interesting history behind the naming of this program. Long story short, some guy couldn’t figure out what to name their duplicated version of duplicated file remover, so he named it Yet Another Duplicated File Remover due to the vast duplication of duplicated file removers.

windows 7Want a free and reliable virus scanner? Microsoft Security Essentials is for you, and the best part of this deal is that it’s an absolutely FREE light weight from Microsoft themselves. There is no need for any other virus scanner; in fact, Microsoft Windows 8 has this virus scanner built into the operating system. However, if you are using windows 7, then obtain this free light weight the virus scanner here.

There you have it. These are some tips and programs to start you off on the root to success in using Microsoft Windows. Whether you are using Windows 7, or Windows 8,  you will be equipped  with the tools to be more productive in the office. Stay tuned for Mac tips, and tricks next.

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