What To Expect From Windows 9? Leaked Video Shows Promise

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After the Windows 8 debacle, we now wait for the next release of Windows, Windows 9, from Microsoft. Leaked images and videos on the web have a shown glimpses of what the future of Windows hold. Windows 9 is looking to rid of issues that Windows 8 posed, like the new Start screen that was only suitable for a touch device. Microsoft will likely ensure that Windows 9 is user-friendly from the start with a revamped desktop view, Start Menu, notification centre and much more.  windows 9

What is new in Windows 9?

The new or re-introduced Start Menu will have some qualities of the Start screen, like the live tiles you can organize to suit your needs, but at the same time keeping the traditional functionality of the Start Menu. The modern Start screen is still available of course, but it isn’t forced onto users like Windows 8 did. A helpful feature that will be easily accessible will be the multi-desktop view, seen on the taskbar, will make it easier for users to navigate especially when you have several programs opened. This makes it much easier for ALL users, casual and advanced users, to browse through their programs without the need to learn the shortcut buttons.

Moreover, the notification centre will provide users with a central hub to check their messages, something that was missing in previous Windows iteration. This is certainly a feature out of Apple’s Mac OSX, but will be greatly appreciated to help users stay organized and up to date.

Corrects Windows 8’s major flaws

Windows 9 looks to be a much better operating system for traditional computers which is a major step in the right direction. An operating system that catered to touch devices, even though many portable devices are now days important, Microsoft made a huge mistake in forcing all users to use the modern Start screen as the primary view which was difficult for traditional or non-touch device users to navigate or even to function with certain shortcut options available that were not really known.

We should also be expecting Cortana, Microsoft’s voice/personal assistant, like Siri or Google Now, will be coming to the desktop. Given its known capabilities so far, we could be talking to our computers like what we see from a sci-fi movie, as Cortana has the ability for you to ask follow up questions.

Hopefully we’ll have a few more information about Windows 9 through Microsoft’s event on September 30th where a technical preview of this new OS will be released. How do you think Windows 9 will do? Let us know in the comments section.

Leaked Windows 9 video:

Start Menu

Multi-desktop view

Notification Centre


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