World Cup in 4K Resolution: When Can you get 4K?

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As the world watches the World Cup 2014 hosted by Brazil, FIFA agreed with Sony to shoot some of their games in 4K that will allow you to watch the World Cup in 4K resolution. Devices like the Galaxy S5 or Xperiz Z2 can already record in 4K resolution. But what about consuming 4K on the big screen? Sony is one of the first TV makers to push out a 4K television; however, without any 4K resolution live broadcasting being aired or any movies in 4K. Sony has partnered with FIFA to film some games in 4K. But if you’re an early adopter, what does the World Cup on 4K TV have for you?

Will you get to see World Cup in 4K?

A Sony 4K camera at the World Cup Image courtesy of

A Sony 4K camera at the World Cup
Image courtesy of

Despite filming certain games with Sony’s 4K Cameras during the round of 16, quarter-finals, and finals, you will not be able to watch the games LIVE in it’s 4K glory. 4K resolution is 3840X2160, which is higher than Full HD 1080P that we all come to know by now. Broadcasters haven’t even begun airing 4K resolution content nor have cable providers prepared to put 4K down their pipeline and into your home. If you don’t mind watching re-run of sports games, you can watch it in 4K glory on your 4K TV, if you own one, when FIFA releases its Official 2014 World Cup Film. The glorious 4K footage will allow you to see the beautiful game in greater detail – from the detail of the grass, to the player uniforms, to the liveliness of the stadium that makes it look as if you are almost there. The World Cup on 4K TV will look spectacular, but it’s too bad that we won’t get to experience it LIVE.

Will 4K TV fail like 3DTV?

Sony 4k ultra HD TV

Sony’s 4K Television

Whether 4K will succeed is too early to tell. High Definition television has only been around for just over 10 years and 3D TV has already been a failure – hence ESPN 3D is shutdown and this year’s World Cup will not be shown in 3D. On the other hand, 4K TV doesn’t pose a nuisance for viewers with 3D glasses being a necessary. But if you haven’t already checked out a 4K footage off YouTube, we highly suggest you do, even if you’re running on just an HDTV. Check out this 4K video of “Road to Machu Picchu – Peru in 4K,” (select 4K in the settings) as you will see all the little details and feel like you are almost in Peru. Also notice the length of time it can take to load the video, which is another obstacle cable providers will need to overcome to churn out 4K channels whenever that is coming.

4K resolution looks to be a great future for television that will bring in much clearer picture quality, especially for live events. It could be too early for its time as not everyone necessarily had an HDTV or if they do, they don’t necessarily subscribe to HD channels. One way to really help push out 4K could be through movies and tv shows shot in 4K and released on Netflix as many people today are cutting the cord; however internet providers pose a problem as bandwidth will have to be expanded and internet must run faster too. A live event like the World Cup in 4K resolution can be the best way to experience 4K, but fans of the beautiful game with a 4K TV will have to watch it through FIFA’s Official World Cup 2014 Film to experience football/soccer in a spectacular high resolution. Do you think 4K television will survive or go the way of 3DTV? Let us know in the comments.

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