Xperia Z Ultra: A Sony Phablet coming

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Image of the Sony Press Conference Invite

Are you in need of a phablet device that is even larger than what is on the market to help your eyes read the screen? Sony is set to announce a phablet device at a press conference on July 4 in France. The device is known as the Xperia Z Ultra with a screen size of just 6.4 inches. Based on the press conference invite picture released, the Sony phablet device appears to be very thin (6.5mm) which would also balance out the device’s large screen size.  

The Sony phablet Xperia Z Ultra specs are rumoured to be at 2.2 GHz (Snapdragon 800 chip), 2GB Ram, 16 internal storage with expandable SD Slot, 8MP Camera and 2.2MP front-facing camera. The screen size of 6.44 inches will also display a resolution of 1080P. It would also be thinner than an iPhone 5 if rumoured specs are true as it measures at only 6.5mm. The Xperia Z Ultra may also sport a stylus as shown by a pen on the invite picture which will help users who want to draw or do some productivity work with precision. It will run on Android 4.2 OS and likely with a Sony UI over it.

Whether the Xperia Z Ultra will be a waterproof smartphone like Sony’s smaller sized smartphone, the Xperia Z,  is yet to be known. But if it is waterproof, it will give consumers an added incentive to choose the Xperia Z Ultra over other phablet devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the LG Optimus G Pro as users will not be limited to certain environments which they can use their phablet smartphone.



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