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Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Giant sized phablet with 6.4inch display

Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra was announced last week which will offer users an even bigger phablet device on the market. If you require a high end giant smartphone that is bigger than what is out on the market, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is right for you. This phablet with it’s gigantic and durable 6.4inch display is also waterproof like their Xperia Z smartphone. 

Although the Xperia Z Ultra is a really big phablet smartphone, it is quite thin at 6.5mm which helps when you have this device in your pocket. The exterior of the Xperia Z Ultra is also built with a durable glass making it less likely to crack if users tend to drop their devices. Along with a 1080P display, HD video and pictures should look crystal clear on the 6.4inch display of the Xperia Z Ultra.

Unlike the Galaxy Note 2 which comes with a stylus, the Xperia Z Ultra doesn’t, but instead allows users to use anything like a pencil or pen to act as a stylus to write on the screen. We like this idea in place of a stylus as a stylus can easily be forgotten and allowsing users to pickup an object of their choice to tap or write on the screen is much simpler.

One handed functionality for this device would not be possible as reaching all ends of the 6.4inch Xperia Z Ultra will be rather difficult. If you require on the go uses with your device, the Xperia Z Ultra may be difficult to achieve your needs. A large phablet device like the Xperia Z Ultra is best used when sitting down to view your e-mails, videos, pictures etc and enjoy the great screen quality and size.

In terms of specs, you can expect the Xperia Z Ultra to be one of the top of the line high-end smartphones with it’s fast processor. The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip clocking at 2.2Ghz quad-core, with 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage with SD Card slot, will allow users to get great speeds and storage space on this massive device. It also runs on the latest Android OS, 4.2 and Sony has kept the on-screen menu buttons (back, home and recent) like the Nexus experience which we really like.

Expect high-performance usages from this phablet as it comes with all the latest hardware along with it’s wonderful durable design on it’s exterior. If size isn’t an issue for you, the Xperia Z Ultra will be an excellent top of the line high-end phablet smartphone that can do it all. Just don’t expect it to be easy to use with one hand, especially if you are always on the go.

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